Saffron shrimp cooked rice

Cook: 50 mins Easy to cook Serves 4


300 g rice
5 g saffron
20 g dried shrimp
Half a carrot
A little ginger
5 g cooking wine
2 Chives
Right amount Abalone juice
Right amount Seafood sauce
A little olive oil
5 Red onion

How to Cook ?
  1. Wash the rice, pour in the pot, add the right amount of water, and pour saffron
  2. Replace the lid, placed on the stove, the fire cooking
  3. After water boiling,over small fire and cook slowly until rice cooked
  4. Cook for 20 minutes
  5. Cut onion, carrot into small pieces,
  6. Pour the olive oil, put red onion, carrots and shrimp dry, pour wine and ginger
  7. Pour the fried shallot shrimp into cooked rice
  8. Cut some green onion, pour onto the shallot shrimp
  9. Put a right amount of abalone juice or seafood sauce, mix with the rice
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